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Shopping in Los Angeles

Shopping in Downtown Los Angeles is a fun experience for everybody. There are numerous shopping venues and hundreds of stores that provide you with a rewarding experience while searching for nice souvenirs for your dear ones who decided to stay at home. Some of the best locations for shopping in Downtown Los Angeles are in the list below:

  • Mikawaya 800 E. 4th St. Little Tokyo
    800 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
    213 628-6514

  • SubUrban Home
    101 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013-1417
    213 243 - 5881:

  • 12th Craft
    408 E 12th St, 90015
    213 745 - 6618

  • 7+Fig at Ernst & Young Plaza
    735 S Figueroa St,Los Angeles, CA 90017
    213 955 - 7150

  • Ali's Craft
    340 S San Pedro St,Los Angeles, CA 90013
    213 617 - 1156

  • American Apparel
    363 E 2nd St,Los Angeles, CA 90012
    213 617 - 7222

  • Apliiq Workshop
    548 S Spring St, #114,Los Angeles, CA 90013-2307
    323 300 - 6492

  • Arias International Boutique
    404 S Figueroa St,Los Angeles, CA 90071
    213 687 - 4406

  • Bargain Line
    603 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017
    213 891 - 9695

  • Bonaventure Luggage & Gifts
    404 S Figueroa St,Los Angeles, CA 90071
    213 620 - 0851
About Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is one of the major areas that the city of Los Angeles, California, is divided into. It is a central business district and it is also situated nearby the center of the metropolitan area. Therefore Downtown Los Angeles Hotels guarantees that there are major attractions in terms of shopping, dining, events and sights that you should definitely not miss, so do include Downtown Los Angeles in your trip plans. In this area you will find the major institutions of Los Angeles, in terms of the best things that Los Angeles has to offer in the fields of arts and sports: there will be countless opportunities for sightseeing (skyscrapers are only a hint of the many things to see), not to mention the numerous shopping venues. As such, Downtown Los Angeles Hotels invites you to see them all. Your only challenge will be time because there is plenty of fun to spend it on. Downtown Los Angeles Hotels also invites you to discover the conglomerate of nationalities concentrated in areas of interest that constitute separate, yet complex attractions on their own. Get ready for the renowned Pueblo (Union Station and Olvera Street), Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Civic Center, Bunker Hill, the Historic Core, the Financial District, South Park, the Central City East/ Skid Row and many more. These neighborhood areas represent hubs for different communities, for culture, for politics, for major corporations, for entertainment, for fun, for relaxation, for luxury, for enriching touristic experience, for everything, actually. We will say no more because Downtown Los Angeles doesnít need words to describe, but time to experience. Downtown Los Angeles Hotels invites you to see everything by yourselves and guarantees that you will surely come back for more. Donít forget the camera and your friends.

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