9 Surprising Hotel Jewelry Cashback Programs You Should Know About


Did you know that you could be getting cashback from your favorite hotel jewelry sponsors? Whether it’s a diamond ring or emerald earrings, there are some surprising cashback programs out there that can go along with your vacation. Here is a list of 9 surprise hotel jewelry cashback programs that you should know about:

  1. Cancun Resorts – Cancun Resorts offer a 2% cashback gift certificate when you book a suite at one of their locations and purchase jewelry from them. This reward certificate can be used for future hotel stays or purchases in the resort’s associated shops and restaurants.
  2. Bally’s Casino Hotel – Bally’s Casino Hotel in Las Vegas offers 10% cashback on any jewelry purchased in their luxurious Bellagio Salon & Spa boutique. The money saved can be used toward spending in the many restaurants, shows, clubs and casinos at the resort.
  3. Monte Carlo Resort & Casino – At the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, all guests who purchase high-end jewelry receive 5% back in MGM credit points to be used throughout their stay at the resort.
  4. The Five Star Grand Hotel – The Five Star Grand Hotel in Toronto offers 15% back on all purchases made at their Diamond Mine Boutique located inside the lobby – making it one of the best rewards programs for those looking to buy diamond jewelry while visiting this luxurious hotel.
  5. Paris Hilton Hotels – When purchasing diamonds and jewels at a Paris Hilton hotel location, guests receive 10% back on any items bought up to $5,000 3% after $5,001+. These rewards are part of Hilton Rewards program and can be used across all Hilton brand hotels worldwide towards services like room upgrades or room dinners or to pay off future stays with membership discounts applied automatically!
  6. Sandals Resorts – With select suites available through Sandals resorts, unique vacationers are able to earn 2% CashBack on purchases made at their properties’ fine jewelers shop! That means double deals for those stopping by for some blingy souvenirs during their stay!
  7. Radisson Blu Hotels – Radisson Blu Hotels give customers 6 Loyalty Reward Points every time they purchase eligible items from their property’s Fine Jewelry Shop . Each point is worth 1 Euro when spent at any participating Radisson Blu hotels with no cap on how many points you can gather over time towards your next luxury travel holiday!
  8. Marriott International– Marriott International gives customers 3X points for every dollar spent on select pieces of jewelry purchased from Marriott authorized sellers like JCPenney stores within Marriott hotels (on non-Marriott credit cards). These points can then be turned into gift certificates which can go towards dining packages and more!
  9. The Ritz-Carlton– Last but not least is The Ritz-Carlton where customers who use approved suppliers like Tiffany & Co., DeBeers Diamond Jewellers ,or Harry Winston will get 5X bonus Club Rewards points earned per dollar spend bought under their Elite Shops program—offering great value if traveling abroad often enough make use of this fantastic service here!

The best jewelry cashback companies

Elements 5 Club

Jewelry firm ELEMENTS 5 allows their clients to buy precious stones to create a custom jewelry piece. Making acquisitions from any area of the globe online – you automatically turn into a member of the project and acquire cashback on your purchase.

On the private account platform, you must decide on the kind of product first: Diamond or Moissanite. After that, you pick the Package with Bonus Plan through which you will get credit to your Balance.
Payment for purchases and extracting bonuses is carried out utilizing cryptocurrency.

Cancri Jewellery

Cancri Jewelry – the biggest organization in the adornments advertise in Europe and Asia, offers an one of a kind cashback chance when buying gold gems with diamonds in its own system of gems stores in Turkey, Spain, Georgia, and in its online store. It is likewise conceivable to secure a Booking Card (blessing endorsement) on the web in your own record. Participants from more than 50 nations are as of now accomplices of Cancri Jewelry. The essential explanation behind the organization’s prosperity is a totally new selective advertising plan, created and cautiously computed seeking after collaboration with European accomplices. Because of promoting, gems items of the Cancri Jewelry mark have acquired tremendous fame among individuals, which has prompted an expansion sought after, rivalry, and along these lines, enormous benefit. This is the benefit that makes it feasible for members to be remunerated in the Cancri Jewelry business venture as a cashback.

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